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Send Voice Messages by Telephone 

Send pre-recorded voice messages to as many individuals as you wish. Just call our Toll-Free number and record your message. Then Logon and schedule delivery of your calls. We will telephone your recipients at the date and time you request.

Broadcast voice messages to hundreds or thousands of individuals.

We may also remotely monitor your database and trigger phone calls the moment conditions in your database are met.
  • Bill Payment Reminders
  • Sales and Promotion
  • School Closing Notifications
  • Product Advertisements 
  • Field Employees Communication
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring
  • Emergency Notification 
  • Condominium Association Notice
  • Political Polling/Market Surveys
  • Emergency Alerts & Reminders
Key Features
  • Record Voice Message in your own voice. Call our 800 number and Record.
  • Quick upload of Contact Information (Excel, Outlook, .cvs or .txt formats)
  • Online Contact Management: Send Messages to Individuals,  a Group, or All
  • Schedule Date/time of call and repeat options
  • Activate your Phone Calls directly from our Website or by telephone
  • Text-to-Speech Voice Message Creation
  • Call forwarding to a live operator at your company
  • Retry of busy lines and unanswered calls
  • Stop/Start Calling anytime. Very useful when calls are forwarded to company agent(s)
  • Online Reporting. Get information on total successful calls, calls answered by a human or answering machine, failed calls, report summary.

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Service Costs
No Setup fees, No Monthly minimums, No Contracts. No charge for calls to busy lines or unanswered calls.
Length of Call Cost per Call
30 Second 6
45 Second 8
  USA Volume Discount
  30 Second Message 45 Second Message
Purchase Quantity Cost per Call Cost per Call
5000 - 9,999 Calls 4.5 7.8
10,000-19,999 Calls 4.2 7.2
20,000-50,000 Calls 3.8 6.2
>50,000 Calls 3.4 5.2
  International Rates
Rates for a 45 second per call
Canada 11   Spain 12
United Kingdom 12   Japan 13
China 11   Germany 12
Brazil 13   Australia 12

Ask about rates to other countries

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