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Medical Appointment Reminder

  Send appointment reminder messages to your clients. Experience a significant increase in retention.  Your Appointment Reminder System may be used to send the following type of messages
  1.  Voice Messages
2.  Text-To-Speech Messages
3.  Text Messages to Mobile Phones
4.  Voice and Text-To-Speech Messages
1. Voice Messages
This is a pre-recorded messages, sent to remind your clients of their appointment (usually) the following day.

Sample Message:
This is the office of Doctor John Brown with a reminder of your medical appointment tomorrow. To confirm this appointment press 2. To cancel it press 3. To speak to the Doctor's office press 1. To replay this message press 9. We look forward to seeing you. Goodbye.


  2. Text-To-Speech Messages
This option allows you to type your message, which is converted to speech and used as your voice message. You will need to upload a file with the phone numbers to be called. Place each phone number on a separate line, as described above.

With Text-To-Speech messages you may customize each message by inserting the name of the client and the date/time of the appointment. The name and appointment date/time are included in the file with the phone numbers.

3. Text Messages To Mobile Phone
Send Text Messages to any Mobile Phone directly from the web. Just type your message and let us send it to your recipients. Send hundreds or thousands of messages simultaneously.You may also customize each message in a broadcast to include such things as recipient name, event date, account balance, etc.
  4. Voice plus Text-To-Speech Messages
This option allows you to create complex messages consisting of three pre-recorded voice message components and two Text-to-Speech components. The complete message will look as follows:
Voice Message 1 + Text-to-Speech 1 + Voice Message 2 + Text-to-Speech 2 + Voice Message 3.

The Text-To-Speech parts of the message are included in the file with phone numbers.



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